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My French family

The parents of a dear friend of mine are visiting my parents and I from France this weekend as part of an Australia-wide tour. My friend and I made our connection as foreign exchange students in the USA and have kept in touch and been able to visit each other several times over the past 13 years. (It is always “tough” for me to go back to Paris…ha, ha!)

In keeping up our friendship we have become friends with each others’ parents as well and in doing so we have formed surrogate family bonds across the world. I love having another set of parents who think of me as fondly as I do of them, and am glad that my friend is willing to share them with me! I know my parents enjoy the cross-continent friendship too.

We have shown them around a bit and I really enjoy seeing my city through their “tourist eyes” as it deepens my appreciation of how lucky I am to live where I do. We have had wonderful weather for their visit with lots of sunshine, bright blue skies and balmy nights. I wish they didn’t have to leave so soon!

Ma famille française
So full of laughter and love
A twice-loved daughter 

© Leah Dowsett 2011


One Response

  1. love you!
    your favorite “cavern lady”

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