Cookbook bliss

I think there is nothing more bliss-full than reading a beautiful new cookbook.

The pages are crisp and, if you’re lucky, even still slightly stuck together from the printing process. The images are wondrous and drool-inducing as the styling is set to making you desire the featured morsel – plus the spoon alongside! And the recipes themselves…well, it makes my heart race to think I now hold the secret to creating all of the enticing gourmet delights.

Such was my experience today with my new Ladureé cookbook, Sucré.

(My obsession with Ladureé, and especially their macarons, began on my second visit to Paris in 2004 (how did I miss them the first time?) when I was taken to one of their salons by a friend. Their famous treats lived up to expectations – oh my, it was love at first bite! I visited two of their salons again in 2011 and I was not disappointed. If only I could spend more daysin Paris so I could tear myself away from the macarons enough to try some of the other sweet treats…next time! All things Ladureé can be found via their gorgeous website at

So back to the book itself. Firstly, it came in a box. Sigh…yes, a box of pale green, Ladureé’s signature colour. On opening the box there was purple tissue paper, also a signature colour, which opened to reveal a pale green book with a gold label. I reached for the book and removed it from the box and touching the pale green velvet cover and the gold edging on the pages was enough to make me weep. Oooh, and then the treasures inside…
(I told you I loved new cookbooks!)

So, my love for macarons continues to this day and I even made a selection of them for one of my birthday parties a couple of years ago. I know others out there love macarons so take a look at Jill Colonna’s blog, “Mad About Macarons”. I enjoy reading about her experiments with different flavour combinations. And for the styling side of things, Katie Quinn Davies’ photographs via her “What Katie Ate” blog are amazing – I can’t wait for her cookbook either!

Now, enough waxing lyrical, time to get back to the couch and my new acquisition!

My senses aroused
Such culinary treasure
Beauty in hard back

© Leah Dowsett 2012


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  1. Now I am hungry

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