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When I get busy I also get insomnia.

Not the “gee, it’s late I’d like to go to sleep but I’m not tired” kind. The “wow, it’s 3.40am and I’m wide awake” kind. The exhausting kind. The kind were I am fully alert in the wee hours and then start getting sleepy again around 6.00am. Just in time for a brief snooze before the alarm goes off and the work day begins.

My busyness right now is work-related. Large projects, looming deadlines, lots of lists and long hours. Not that I mind working late when required, and not that the projects are awful or difficult – it’s the amount of tasks to complete and the lack of time do so that wears me down. In the end I think that too many ideas are swirling in my brain to truly let me unplug from the day and sleep deeply. Sigh…

I’ve just finished reading The Night Circus for my book club and it’s right about now that I wish I could go and visit it – a lyrically-described, wondrously magical black and white-coloured circus that “Opens at nightfall Closes at dawn”! But I can’t…

So, I read or pray or web surf or catch up on my social networking until the yawning begins. Even now as I type my eyes are beginning to to feel droopy and I know it’s not long until blissful sleep will come again. Of course, that’s also because it’s now 5.42am.

Sweet dreams everyone…

An early waking
The pre-dawn hours are quiet
Except in my head

© Leah Dowsett 2012


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