Annual high tea

It’s been far too long since I have seen my WordPress dashboard and tapped out a post. So many things have happened since June, some great and some truly not so great, but I am still here! Is anyone still reading?

I have been inspired to get back to the keyboard following my attendance at a fabulous girlie high tea today in the home of a friend.

This annual mother/daughter event is held before Christmas each year has been going on for many, many years. The core group comprises my friend and three close family gal pals, my friend’s mother and her friend (the mother of the three gals) and my friend’s grandmother. Sisters-in-law, nieces and other close friends attend on occasion too. I have been a recent interloper, having only been along to the last 5 or so, and my Mum has been along a couple of times too.

We all contribute something sweet or savoury and are at the stage where if you were to not bring your signature dish – pistachio macarons in my case – there would be trouble!! I love getting a chance to anticipate and then enjoy the afternoon. The admiration of the table arrangements, the ooh-ing and aah-ing over the tiered serving dishes filled with delicacies gives us all so much pleasure – as does the eating! Today we particularly noted that moment of silence after everyone takes their first bites, right before the chorus of “mm”s and “oh, wow”s begins, along with the “yum, what’s in that?” and “can I have the recipe?”. Plus, an event is not complete if we haven’t all taken (at least!) one photograph of all of the goodies!!

Afternoons like today certainly remind me how blessed I am… Do any of you have traditions like this?

Mothers and daughters
Talk and share edible love
laden table

© Leah Dowsett 2013


4 Responses

  1. Sounds like a wonderful tradition Leah. You are right, we are blessed and should take more time to reflect on the good and special people and things in our lives.

  2. Leah you always post such interesting things. I am particularly impressed with your baking skills. It’s so funny…have known you for years but I think fb has shown me aspects of your life I never knew about at school. Love your poetry and writing and hearing all about the varied things you get up to. Keep it up. I’m reading. Janey x

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