Tracking sunlight

There’s something to be said for sunshine….

There is such a calmness in waking early and basking in the first rays of the sun. I see them peek over the fence and then watch as they crawl across the bed, my arm, my cheek. There is a softness to them that brings warmth but doesn’t include that fierce heat that can come through later in the day. Lying in their path in a half dozing state, especially on a weekend morning, is bliss.

In the early morn
Dappled sunlight through the trees
Rests soft on my skin

Then time ticks on and I am up and heading out and about. I love those clear days where there isn’t a cloud in the sky, it’s warm but not hot, and you can ride with the car windows down. As I move from suburban roads to driving on the freeway the wind starts ruffling my hair and the stereo volume simply has to go higher. I smile as I sing along to the music and even put my hand/arm out alongside and have it be buoyed up and down like a wave by the wind as I cruise along!

Driving in my car
Sun is perched high in the sky
And music’s played loud 

When the errands are run and I’ve shared a lazy lunch with friends it is time to head home. The late afternoon has it’s own tangible feel as the sunlight starts to fade and long shadows spread across the ground. If I am close to the beach I can’t resist watching a sunset. In stopping to appreciate my surroundings I am reminded of the importance of taking the time to notice such moments. The dazzling red and gold or muted pink and grey colours are always different, always beautiful and always leave me feeling renewed and at peace.

Lingering shadows
Lengthen with the setting sun
Soothing my spirit 

© Leah Dowsett 2012


Art on the beach

“Sculpture by the Sea” /

Whimsical art on display /

Viewing feeds my soul


Ocean view

Blue ocean water /

A beautiful cafe view /

Sunshine and sparkles

A whale tale

A yummy luncheon

Whale tail in the blue harbour

Albany road trip

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