Feline Reconnaissance

I had a plan for a quiet night in.

Don’t you just love those opportunities to get into your pjs, put on a movie and enjoy some quality time on the couch? I got home a bit early and have tried to kick back and relax, but my cat has had other ideas. She has been set on disturbing the peace.

Normally happy to lay on my lap, this evening has been different. She has been very talkative and has undertaken more reconnaissance trips than usual. I’m not sure what it is she’s been seeking but I have my suspicions that the neighbour’s cat has been by today so she’s been on the lookout for his return, and eager to remind me (repeatedly!) what a cheeky ginger boy he is to sit outside and taunt her.

So I left the comfort of the couch and got up and involved with other things around the house. She was undaunted – her circuits and chatting continued on.

And yet, as I finish this post I notice she is now curled up and snoozing…and I can’t help but smile at her peacefulness.

The cat is pacing
Scanning windows for movement
In restless rhythm

© Leah Dowsett 2012


Go Eagles!

Winning footy game /

Even when feeling sickly /

Is still great to watch

© Leah Dowsett 2011

Cinematic crusader

Watching “Robin Hood” /

Russell Crowe saving the day /

My heart beats faster

© Leah Dowsett 2011

(Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robin_Hood_(2010_film))

An evening snooze

Time to watch TV /

Comfy chair makes sleep easy /

Dressing gown dreamer

© Leah Dowsett 2011

Morning wisdom

Good awakening /

“A new day with no mistakes in it” /

Key advice from Anne

© Leah Dowsett 2011

(Ref: Anne of Green Gables – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_of_Green_Gables)

Upside of illness

Snuggled under rug /

Lap cat and hot lemon drink /

And a good chick flick

© Leah Dowsett 2011

Spontaneous reaction

Join the fun!

Darkness closing in /

Wind through trees and mood music /

Murder mystery chills…

© Leah Dowsett 2011

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