Morning wisdom

Good awakening /

“A new day with no mistakes in it” /

Key advice from Anne

© Leah Dowsett 2011

(Ref: Anne of Green Gables –


Planning the trip

Reading Europe books /

The beauty is breathtaking /

Soon I will be there!

© Leah Dowsett 2011

Holiday schedule

Sleeping and reading /

And lazing and web surfing /

Break from work routine

© Leah Dowsett 2011

Book break

Literary pause /

Psyche submerged in a book /

Fictional relief

© Leah Dowsett 2011

A night to myself

Engaging reading /

Enjoying the quiet night /

Evening at home


© Leah Dowsett 2011

Good food

A new recipe /

Chicken pie with flaky crust /

Thank you Mr Stone

(Ref: “Relaxed Cooking with Curtis Stone”, Curtis Stone)

Hit and run

My blog is quiet /

Bleaders are not commenting /

Haiku hit and run!

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